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Growing Confidently

I’m sitting here drinking my liquid lightning getting myself pumped up to do my workout, counting down the days to my wedding and stressing about all the things that have to happen before I can walk down the aisle and take James’ last name. I’m finding myself wondering if I’ll be a bride that can look back at my wedding pictures and be happy with the way I looked. I know it’s silly and I know the day is going to be a amazing, but I’m someone who still struggles to not pick apart the way I look in pictures.

This has me thinking about the body positive movement that we’re in right now and how amazing it is that we’re FINALLY trying to teach people to love their body instead of hate it, but I think we’re still missing the mark. We’re teaching people to accept unhealthy habits because you should love yourself. And, in my opinion, that’s half right. You SHOULD love your body but I don’t think you should accept unhealthy habits as a part of that love. Unhealthy habits can be anything from the way I act when I see pictures of myself or look in the mirror, to accepting being morbidly obese as a good thing to turning a blind eye from someone that’s suffering from an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia because the should love their body. I think that we should love our bodies BUT we should love them enough to take care of them with better nutrition and more movement. We should work to fix our mindset on its struggles that leads us to having this morphed perception of ourselves.

For instance, I shouldn’t allow the inner-mean girl to tell me I’m not thin enough, defined enough or whatever else she likes to lie to me about. And this is something I’ve been working on for nearly a decade. It’s something very near and dear to my heart. And it’s still something I struggle with, though each day I get a little better at silencing that voice. A decade later I STILL have to do my positive affirmations like in this video or read personal development books to never stop allowing myself to grow. It’s through this growth that I’ve seen everything my body has been capable of accomplishing. You see, when I started my journey of self-love, I was so lost and afraid that no one would ever think I was worth anything because I didn’t think I was worth more than bare minimum.

I look back at pictures from that time and I can’t believe the hateful things I said and believed about myself. For instance, this photo was taken by my best friend but I thought I looked fat, like are you SERIOUS? But yes, I was…

These days, like I said I’m happy with what my body has accomplished and therefore I’m happy with my body. Sure, there are still areas I’m working to improve, but it’s honestly less about the aesthetic and more about the BEING healthy. And to me, that’s more important than aesthetics will ever be. It’s having my doctor not harp to me about blood pressure, it’s having the strength to say “no” to a “treat” that will do my body more harm than good. It’s about having the energy to (kind of) keep up with Eli and SHOWING him why it’s important to eat healthy and move your body. As youth leaves us we have to find a way to make up for what was easy when we were younger.

Leading by example from the front so when HE’S older he doesn’t struggle with HIS body image or health is the best gift I can give him. I’m not as thin as I was 10 years ago, and I probably never will be again, but for the first time in my life I’m happy with myself and I LOVE my body. I’m healthier than I was at the weight in my younger years and that means more than the scale ever will.

So I encourage you to find the reasons to love your body too. Even if you don’t necessarily “like” the way your body looks–I encourage you to love your body. This is the only one you get and comparing it to someone else will do you no good. LOVE what your body HAS accomplished instead of hating it for what it hasn’t. Keep going toward the healthiest version of yourself every day and never stop remembering WHY health is more important. We are surrounded by crash fad diets and “lose the weight fast” schemes, but I encourage you to ask is that really healthy? Will that really serve my body? And if the answer is no, walk away.

Little consistent steps to improve your overall health will always trump crash dieting to drop pounds. Because the moment you stop that unsustainable diet…all the weight comes back. And usually more. You didn’t learn new habits, you didn’t trade anything. And sometimes, you’re really putting your health in jeopardy to drop weight fast…assuming you lose anything at all.

My last piece of advice for you this Monday is to stop saying tomorrow, next Monday, next week/month/year…but start TODAY. Because the best time to start a new healthy habit was yesterday and the second best time is today. There are tons of resources available at your fingertips, even right from this blog! If you’re tired of crash dieting and being a yo-yo with your health but aren’t sure HOW to stop click here to give me som more information to see what I can do to help. You don’t have to do it alone, bit you do have to do the work.

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