A Week, or Two, Off Schedule

Something I may not have touched on here is that James and I co-parent with Eli’s mom and step-dad. We get him Tuesdays, Thursday and every other weekend and she gets him on the opposite days. While I don’t know that this will be ideal as he continues to get older, it works well for all parties involved at this time.

With that being said, we’ve moved into a comfortable routine in the McCollum-Tucker house regarding how early we have to get up to get Eli to school, since he goes to school 30 miles from us, and all the logistics of food, homework, etc.

But these last two weeks those schedules have kind of been shot. Sickness has come to Oklahoma and our families have not been exempt. Right before Christmas, Eli came down with the flue and I got it the week AFTER Christmas…sharing is caring I guess? Then two weeks ago, Eli’s mom got really sick so we kept him to try and keep him from getting sick. He went to her house after being with us for a week on Wednesday and then Thursday morning he woke up with a fever. Our poor sour-patch kid had the flu AGAIN. So, we kept him up until tonight since he’s been fever free for more than 48 hours so fingers crossed we’ll all be able to get back on schedule.


It’s hard on Eli when we get off schedule. He doesn’t always understand it and then he misses his mom and siblings. And when he’s with her extra days he misses his Daddy, and sometimes he’ll admit he misses me too, LOL. The fact that he has ADHD and is severely anxious only amplifies the importance of us sticking to a schedule as often as possible, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

But we make do, and overall we really loved having him these last two weeks! I mean, yes seeing him suffer with the flu wasn’t fun but at least we could keep our eyes on him instead of anxiously waiting for an update. we’re very blessed that we seem to all work cohesively as a unit. It’s not always easy; there are times where it’s downright hard. I’m still adjusting to having to share my boy and my boyfriend with his Mom, because I am the bonus parent and I am NOT here to replace her. Ever. And sometimes that is downright hard, because I love him as if he was my flesh and blood. I want to seem him succeed and go so far in life. But I know that what’s best for him is for all of us to work together and continue to show him love.


The bad thing about us having him for pretty much two weeks straight is our schedule was thrown WAY off. James has to get up about an hour earlier to get him to school on time and that is hard on both him and Eli…because NO ONE in our house likes morning. It’s hard for me because when I’m normally hopping in the shower I’m helping to get Eli up and out the door. One to two days a week we can handle smoothly, we’ve had practice we have it down! Two weeks straight? We have some work to do, haha. My meal prep was all over the place, though I still managed to stay on point! When Eli got sick and took over the couch I had to make my workouts fit in the workout room, which seems like it SHOULD be easy…but I need quite a bit of space for some of my moves and all our benches makes that a little difficult. But, we made it work. One thing I WISH I would have utilized more of over these last two weeks is my Instant Pot. It would have freed me up to take better care of my boys and spend more time as a family unit. It may be a week, late, but I totally used it this week and am now set up for success another week, WHICH will give me more time with my boys.


And we got to enjoy some fun moments today before he went back to his mom’s…I’ll take ever sweet moment I can get <3.

So now it’s Sunday night, the best part of the Super Bowl is over and I’m staring down the barrel of 28. What will the next year bring? Stick around and find out!logo just name transparent

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