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New Year, New Program

January 15th is the big day for me to start a new fitness and nutrition program. So this week is all about planning out my way to success.

I’m a fitness coach, this shouldn’t be a big deal right? WRONG. This time I’m going big and I’m going to make a change. Why is it such a big deal for me?

2017 was a great year for me in MANY ways. One way it was NOT great was for my waistline and weight. Although I was staying on top of my workouts with 3-6 workouts a week, I managed to gain 35 pounds. Not exactly motivating for a leader to be making no progress with herself.

So this new program will give me 80 days of new workouts every day and help me dial in my nutrition. This program will give me a good focus on WHEN to eat WHAT to apply with HOW much I should be eating. I mean this is EXACTLY what I need.

This week I’ve been working on making sure I plan out my meals and semi-prepping ahead of time. I say “semi-prepping” because I am NO good at spending all day in the kitchen to prep and entire week’s meals. I have found that if I just prep some of the ingredients ahead of time it allows me to quickly put meals together without having to start from scratch (see Instastories to watch the hilarity that ensues when I’m in the kitchen.) ESPECIALLY with slicing and dicing veggies. I am as slow as a sloth when it comes to that. Thanks to my Mom and Keith getting me an AWESOME electric mandolin I’m able to cut my veggie prep in half and takes away another excuse

We’re talking this group I’m in is about as strict as it can get. I’ve committed to follow the plan to a T…something I’ve honestly never wholeheartedly done. The closest I got was following a plan to a T for 30 days of a 60 day program. BUT I’m determined and semi-contractually committed to doing this. Plus, taking my “before” progress pictures was motivation enough for me to say enough is freaking enough. As scary as it is, I’m going to share these photos with you. Because I’m going to be using this as a way for me to hold myself accountable and cry/vent etc. when needed over these 80 days I am putting these extremely difficult, for me, to look at photos. When I looked at these I was so humiliated – how did I let this happen?


Here’s to waving goodbye to those photos and see how beautiful change can be. I’ll be checking in weekly – so stay tuned! (you can hit that awesome FOLLOW button to make sure you don’t miss any of the progress!)

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